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Love for every holiday

A regular holiday-a-thon community

Smut for all Holidays
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All Members , Moderated
A comm for people interested in doing smutty drabbles during the holidays.

After the fun that was the Easter Porn and the Memorial Day BJ Marathon it seemed only right that the tradition continue.

The Plan: We will post challenges in connection with certain holidays in hopes that all you wonderful writers will be inspired to write a drabble that somehow connects to the challenge. Or more than one. Or longer than a drabble. We're flexible like that.

The Rules: If you write something for a challenge, please post or link it here. We will set up tags for the challenges, if you could try to remember to stick the challenge tag on, that would make our lives just that bit easier.

The main focus is for m/m slash writing, though f/f or het is fine, too. Despite the name, any rating from G to NC-17 is acceptable.

Yes we welcome art!! Comics or drawbles or pics, etc! Bring'em on!

Hm, not much else. Do I need to write no flames? Guess I better. No flames!!

We are always open to new holidays and/or challenge ideas. Go to this post and we will be happy to consider it.

Any questions? Post them here. ^_^